DJ Looping


I only play special vinyl records that contain nothing but loops (locked grooves). The result is not really danceable. However, it can get quite groovy.

Sometimes I additionally mix in loops from CD players.

I live in Berlin.

  Download New Music

I'm performing as DJ Looping since 1999. In the early years, my mix sounded different. A few historic recordings are available below. The mp3s listed next reflect my recent sound.

Nowadays, my loop mix often has rhythm. Depending on the venue and the situation, I may play music close to techno, or I may play ambient music, but in both cases it has some groove.

Listen to excerpts from live recordings (the sound quality has been reduced for the sake of a quicker download):

DJ Looping recorded live in summer 2006:

DJ Looping recorded live in autumn 2002:

  Download Early Music

When I started performing as DJ Looping, my loop mix had no rhythm. Instead, it was purely improvised. I liked to set 'rough' samples (like motorhead or noise or punk) in contrast with 'clean' samples (like electronics or solo-instruments). You can download two mp3 files recorded live in 1999. Both are fragments of a non-optimal set performed on two turntables without (!) headphones.


Video/Multimedia Artist Thomas Söderlund from Sweden filmed this short video loop showing the live performance of DJ Looping in Stockholm at the Tanto on June 14th 2001. He used a Game Boy camera (!) for recording - check out his other Game Boy camera videos.

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